Gold Golf Glove Story | Limited Edition Gold Golf Glove
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Gold Golf Glove Story

Phil and Rob are keen golfers who regularly play some of the most fantastic courses in the Home Counties of the UK.  They often compete with each other with the winner receiving prizes ranging from golf balls, ball markers to actual golfing attire.   They recently thought that this was getting a little out of hand price-wise so decided that the winner would receive a glove to keep until the next round.  It appeared to them that a standard golf glove was a bit too plain so had the idea of trying to find a gold golf glove!

Phil tried to locate a gold golf glove and scoured the internet to no avail.  He eventually  found a manufacturer who would make one solely for their private competition.

The manufacturer provided some samples and were found to be such good quality that Phil decided to make the gold golf gloves available online as a limited edition.

Once a year Phil, Rob, Bez and Adrian tour golf courses in Cornwall for a week each September and a gold golf glove is presented to the leader of each round [rather like the ‘Yellow Jersey’ in the Tour de France].  It is then presented to the overall winner at the end of the tour.

The gold golf glove can be given as a prize on golf days for the winner,  longest drive or nearest the pin for example or simply for competitions between friends.    

You have found the gold golf glove.  What will your story be?

Golden Golf Glove with Serial number

What’s your story? We would love to know if your glove is being used in competition or just for fun.  Tell us who you are, the name of your club, society or friends who are competing for possession of the  glove.  Every glove has a serial number inside which you can quote and help track the story of each glove.